Affiliate Marketing Services

The contact between advertiser, publisher and customer lies at the bottom of Affiliate Marketing Management.

Affiliate marketing is an online sales strategy that lets a publisher increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience to earn a commission by recommending the product to others. TenTech Media is a well-known Digital Marketing company, and we will be providing results-driven Affiliate Marketing services in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Affiliate Management Campaigns have the best results when combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, and email marketing support and are well-suited for travel, retail, and service industries due to their timely research process/large-volume sales.

In addition, successful Affiliate Marketing also involves certain business traits such as being flexible with commission values, especially when there is a slump in sales, because a higher commission will make affiliates work harder for you.


Affiliate Marketing Campaigns


Affiliate monitoring


Recruiting new affiliates


Selection of affiliate networks


Affiliate Rewards Program Management


Banner creation


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We can manage all aspects of an affiliate campaign for your business and know how to get affiliates motivated to sell your product. We know which affiliate networks are the best for your industry and we know how to build relationships that will lead to increased coverage of your product on these affiliate sites.